Tuesday, October 26, 2010

When Are You Ready to Change Your Facebook Status?!!!

To all my adoring fans, sorry I haven't posted in a while. I got caught up in a whirlwind of wine class, English papers and...a guy.

I met him via an infamous and unmentionable dating site. Meaning, I keep forgetting where I met him exactly but I'm sure it was online.

The first day of meeting we were just going to have breakfast and go to the Exploratorium, but we were having such a good time it turned into bowling, then sushi, then a movie.

The next weekend we went to Six Flags and pooped out after only a few hours and a couple rides. The thing we enjoyed the most was probably sitting on a bench drinking beer and watching little kids run by.

The weekend after that we ended up in Tahoe, on the gambling side, and had a fun time at the rapid roullette and the hamburger slot machine. I won $500 and lost about $600.

The weekend after that, last weekend, he followed me around the city to my cooking competition and a temp job I had to do. We went shopping together and I made dinner. We ate snuggled up on the couch watching random Netflix. The interesting thing was that we managed to keep it pretty platonic the entire time. I'm sure most can't imagine a boy/girl trip to Tahoe remaining platonic. But it was pretty easy and pretty fun and there was really no pressure, which I thought was awesome.

On Sunday morning, we went to eat at The IHOP and started talking about changing FB status. That's a big step, don't you think? I'm not sure I'm ready. I definitely like the guy. We are cracking jokes with each other and LOAO all the time. Why not change the FB status?

I guess it's just that none of my friends even know who he is and I really don't want to talk about it. So there... that's that.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Ladle Rat Rotting Hut

At the Exploratorium in San Francisco, there is an awesome exhibit on sound that features the story of Ladle Rat Rotting Hut. If you haven't experienced an Anguish Languish Furry Tell, you must.

Not wanting to plaguerize (spelling?), I'll just give you the link.


Even if you can't listen to it, at least go and read it. I swear, I was on the ground, laughing so hard I cried. I have it on video....

The "Hot Pile" A.K.A. Warm Bacterial Poo Dirt

Another fun exhibit at the "you know what" was the Hot Pile.


This dirt feels warm because bacteria and fungi in it are harvesting energy from decaying plants.

Dig your hand down into the soil. (Use a plastic glove if you like.)

Can you feel the heat? You may need to dig deep to find the warmth.

Are you serious?

Have You Ever Drunk From a Toilet? I Have....

And yet another fun experience....

Not so hard....but you wouldn't believe the squeamish, giggling girls who tried to drink from this thing before me and failed. No joke.


A tall, well-built woman with good
sense of humor, who can cook frog
legs and who appreciates a good fuc-
schia garden, classical music and tal-
king wihout getting too serious.

But please only read lines 1, 3 and 5

I hope I didn't offend anyone. I just came across this recently and was lmao.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Tanno's Tonnino Tuna Treasure - The Recipe - By Popular Demand

My fans have requested a copy of my video recipe for them to follow. So here it is:

1/2      jar         Tonnino Tuna (any flavor)
1         each      Russet Potato (thin slices)
2         oz         Gruyere Cheese (grated)
1/2      oz         Parmesan Cheese (grated)
1         tbsp      Cream
1/2      oz         Butter
To taste           Salt and White Pepper
Garnish            Paprika and fresh parsley

1. Coat the bottom of an oven-safe dish with butter.
2. Put down a layer of potato slices.
3. Sprinkle with salt and pepper.
4. Pour cream over.
5. Sprinkle a layer of Gruyere.
6. Put down another layer of potato and another layer of Gruyere.
7. Top with a layer of parmesan.
8. Wrap with foil and bake approx 30-45 minutes in a 350 degree oven, until you can poke a toothpick easily through the potatoes.
9. Uncover and put back in the oven for about 5 minutes to toast the parmesan, until light golden brown.
10. Cool for 5-10 minutes (so the cream stops bubbling), and sprinkle with paprika and fresh chopped parsley.
11. Serve hot and YUM!

Notes: For more servings, just increase the potatoes until you fill your dish and sprinkly with enough cheese for a very thin layer. Don't over cheese or over cream, as it will become a soggy mess. Definitely use Tonnino Tuna, it is very moist and works well in the oven.

And don't forget to vote for my video recipe: http://www.tonnino.com/challenge/tannos-tonnino-tuna-treasure

Directions for voting: Click on my video, "Tanno's Tonnino Tuna Treasure" and look below the video. A "like" button should pop us as well as a list of comments. Click on the "like" button (you may have to login your Facebook account) and you have voted. Leave me a comment for extra pizzaz!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Soda That Tastes Like Curry?!!!

Seriously, folks... Among other oddities found in my "Asian" market, curry soda is one I recently discovered. Mostly corn-syrup, but with a distinct after-taste of curry powder which apparently only I can taste. Just wanted to share....

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Stinky Fruit Smells Like Feet - Hereby Dubbed "Spike"

My mother and I have a passion for shopping in strange markets and experiencing odd things. There is an "Asian" market near our house, for lack of a better description, that we like to get our produce from. Besides just shopping for produce, this store is particularly fun to just wander around in just to look at things. But it makes eating at Chinese restaurants a debatable experience...

In this particular market they have huge, over-crowded fish tanks with huge fish (alive) piled on top of each other. Eating it must be like eating pure anxiety. The "butcher" reaches in with his net, and all the fish scramble to the bottom to get away. Then you can watch him chop the head off, drain the blood and gut it. Poor fish. And I like seafood....

Anyway, we don't go there for the fish. Last time we were there we came across this strange vegetable/fruit thing that we'd never seen before. We decided to buy one just for the experience. According to the label, the name of the thing is "Monthong Durian," or something like that.

After checking my mom's trusty dictionary, she found that this particular fruit is known to have a fetid smell, yet a creamy and yummy taste (paraphrasing). It was the "fetid smell" description that made us super-eager to open it. We are weird, it's true. Not knowing whether it had a pit or what the proper procedure for opening said fruit was, we hacked at it from various different angles with no success. We finally decided it was frozen and perhaps we should let it thaw.

After allowing it to thaw, I let me mother have the honor of getting the thing open. According to her, it smelled like (jack)ass. I kinda thought it smelled like a cross between a carob tree in the fall and someone's dirty socks. We couldn't figure out how to eat it and eventually ended up throwing it away.

I am inspired to find out how this fruit is of use to mankind, make a video teaching the skill of getting it open and serving it, and posting it online. Unless someone has beat me to it... :)

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Wine Class....or Whine Class...?

As of last Monday, I started my next set of classes which includes an English Writing class and a Wine and Beverage class.

Initially, the idea of writing prose whilst drinking the day away (wine tasting) sounded like a superb idea. However, after the first week, we all quickly realize that our concept of these classes was a little distorted.

I am now a complete aficionado on the history of wine making, vineyards, varietals and the exact procedure for corporate wine-making, whether I wanted to be or not. While it has a feeling of sophistication, I must say that, for me, the subject is rather a bore. Today is our first day of actually tasting wine, which I'm actually not a fan of really, and I guess we shall see where that takes us.

English writing was just about what I thought it would be, but a little less exciting. Not only am I reviewing things I feel I know to the bottom of my soul, this particular class has it's irksome quirks as well. While I adore the instructor's constant gabble and storytelling, yesterday we came upon the dreaded subject of the redundant comma and now the nightmare begins.

"To comma, or not to comma?" That is the question.

I personally feel it's often a bit redundant to include a comma before a conjunction connecting two independent clauses. And according to our book, it's a judgement call. Our instructor teaches this as the proper use of a comma. However, to his praise, when I asked if we would be poorly graded for not doing so, he said he would not be too picky about it as it's clearly a debatable. Hurrah!

What's your prognosis?

P.S. I still need more votes for my scholarship video: http://www.tonnino.com/challenge/tannos-tonnino-tuna-treasure

Friday, October 1, 2010

HELP! ...I want to be the next TUNA GIRL!

I entered this scholarship contest to win $5000 towards my schooling (with a $50,000 tuition I'm going to need it) and an opportunity to be the next ambassador for Tonnino Tuna! I had to make a neato recipe video and it was a lot of fun. Now I need people to go to the website and vote for me! The 3 with the highest votes will be in the running for the #1 prize!

Click on the link below, then click on my video (Tanno's Tonnino Tuna Treasure) and just "like" my video and maybe make a comment. It's facebook-style, real simpe. The voting options will not show up unless you actually choose my video from the column on the right.


Oh...and I forgot to mention.... the top three winners all get a year's supply of tuna.

If you come vote for me I'll give you a special mention on my future chef tv show. If you get others to vote for me, maybe you can get a guest spot. :)