Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Iron Cupcake Competition! Yummeeee!

I participated in my first Iron Cupcake SF competition and it was awesome fun. The theme was "nuts" so I entered with a spiked eggnog with nutmeg cupcake. It was a yellow cake with a rum glaze and butter cream frosting with a sprinkle of nutmeg. It really tasted like eggnog! I served it with eggnog, too....  Sooooooo YUM!

I didn't win but it was a super fun experience anyway. I actually can't remember all the winners because they didn't really stand out for me. We each had to taste 22 different cupcakes and by the end of it I was a little...well...cupcaked out. So was my mom.

I am definitely doing it again! Next competition is in December and I have to do my "signature cupcake." I think I'm going to do bacon and cheddar. Yum!


  1. This was hell on the immune system! By the time I got home, I had a killer sore throat and fever.

    But it was kinda sorta worth it.

    However, I don't think I'll be doing it again.

  2. Cupcake Competition?! I think I would be in Heaven!! Your Eggnog ones sound amazing :o)