Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Potentially One of the Worst Days Possible....And Yet I Lived

I think my Skype yesterday with Boober says it all: 

Me: OMG!!! You will never *%&#ing believe my *%&#ing day!!!!
Boober: what happened??
Boober: good or bad?
Me: (angry) <------------ this represents a little face character that they have on Skype
Boober: ugh
Boober: is that why you didn't want to talk to me ALL DAY? :(
Me: 1. Forgot to charge phone last night and left it plugged in at home.
Boober: gah!
Me: 2. Got up early to shower and take mom to Bart so I could go straight to my interview in Oakland.
Me: 3. Realized I didn't have my phone after I was getting on the bridge and had no directions for how to get to the place and no GPS.
Me: 4. Pull off the freeway cuz I see a FedEx/Kinkos sign and think I can use the computer to look up the directions.
Me: 5. Before I can get to the store, my car stalls in the middle of a *%&#ing railroad track!!
Me: no way
Me: 6. After I get the car started and move past the tracks, the train comes 1 minute later.
Me: 7. I hear a sound that sounds like a Harley chopper and it will not stop, although I see no motorbike around.
Me: 8. I press the excellerator and the car won't move faster than fucking 5 mph!
Me: 9. I realize the car is making the damn noise!!
Me: 10. I get to the FedEx/Kinkos and their fucking computers won't work.
Me: 11. I get directions to a nearby autoshop, approximately 7 minutes away.
Me: 12. I drive noisily down the road at 10 mph max and cannot find the damn place where they say it is.
Me: 13. I finally find the only auto shop I can find and the asshole wants to charge me $65 just to look at it and tell me what's wrong with it.
Me: 14. I decide that's fucked so I drive, between 10 and 20 mph, all the *%&#ing way back to the city, across the bridge and everything, to MY autoshop.
Me: 15. They do the diagnostic and tell me it's an exhaust leak and my muffler's so *%&#ed up they can't fix it and I need to go to a specialist.
Me: 16. Again driving 10 mph on hilly streets over by Van Ness, I drive to another autoshop and finally get someone to tell me they can fix it.
Me: 17. But the part won't come until tomorrow and it will cost $225.
Boober: jeezus
Me: 18. So I take a *%&#ing bus to school.
*%&#ing: 19. And home.
Boober: :(
Me: 20. I also had a final exam today.
Me: And somehow I'm not nearly as upset as I should be....
Me: Let's laugh it off!!
Me: (rofl)
Me: I think I'm going loony.
ME: :P

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