Tuesday, January 25, 2011

About blogging daily....

As you can see from my earlier posting (you, who aren't even paying attention), I made a resolution to blog daily, and it has been approximately 25 days since my last post.

I have no excuse other than my laptop broke and I had to send it back to Toshiba. I have decided to resort to the school's library computer for my blogging. That does not mean that I will be blogging daily.

Also....truth be told, I am in sort of a writing rut. I come up with topics to write about all the time, but then I fail to sit down and write them. Now I'm so backed up with ideas, I don't know which one to pick. Please help me!

What should I write about?
1. Unanswered questions about the last season of Lost. (it's been done)
2. Funny things people did in my speech class. (not very nice...for them)
3. Why don't the American magic schools come to Harry Potter's aid in fighting Voldemort?

Ideas please.

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