Friday, January 28, 2011

Dream Diary

3 nights in a row of odd dreaming certainly warrents a dream diary....

3 nights ago - Something about trying to get away from an old job, a bunch of painters in my way....

2 nights ago - Tinia (school mate) gets a plane ticket to Vegas from some random guy who decides he wants to drive there instead. I decide to buy a ticket to go with her. On the plane, she sits with a group of girls who look exactly like her, and she completely ignores me. She tells me to meet her in the gift shop. I stand in the gift shop waiting for her to come. Every 2 minutes another girl walks in who lookes exactly like her. I say, "Tinia?" and they all look at me funny. She never comes....just a neverending stream of "others."

last night - forgot.

And now that I go to write them out, I can't recall them fully.... I guess that's why people keep dream diaries.


  1. I can never remember my dreams!
    I remember clear, long ones,
    but not short ones!

    Super blog ;)
    Please come to mine
    Follows or Comments please! <3

  2. Nice dream......mine are uaually filled with giants or random earthquake and ground shifting and i do remember many o them years after i had them.....anyway nice blog..