Thursday, August 12, 2010


According to Garfield, a diet is just DIE with a T.

I often find myself feeling a little too chubby for comfort. I've tried the whole, "I'm big and I'm beautiful and I love myself!" approach, but the truth is, I'd really much rather be without the extra fat. Not that I'm going for a size 0. But at least let's clear up the unnecessary fat folds, right?

There are many products that boast the ability to lose weight rapidly. I've never found these to really work. I've tried Xanadine and other similar diet pills and got massive headaches from the caffeine. I've tried the green tea pills and sometimes it feels like their working, but really they are influenced by diet and exercise anyway so is it just a placebo?

The best diet that ever worked for me was the First Personal Diet, which I think you can find online. The heaviest I ever got was about 209 and I was a size 18. I had heard a lot about this diet and I decided to try it. I had to go to a clinic and get blood tested and then I got my own personal daily "menu" of sorts. I had to weigh and portion every single thing that I ate. There were almost  no simple carbs in the diet. Mostly just protein and vegetables. The bonuses were a serving of fruit, 6 crackers a day, and as much diet soda as I wanted. I spent most of my time drinking the must natural diet sodas I could find and they kept me pretty full. I didn't really do any exercise specifically. And after about 3 months, I got down to a size 10. Sweeeet!

As good as that was, I ended up going on a business trip for several months and the eating-style was no longer conducive to my lifestyle. Sigh.

That was about 2 years ago and I am no a struggling size 12/14, weighing in at 197. I don't pay attention much to the weight because I actually have a high amount of muscle mass, but I definitely don't want to be over 200 and I'd really like to get down to a size 6 or 8.

I read the book Skinny Bitch which actually was a bit of an inspiration to at least eat more healthy. The writers of that book would want you to go completely vegan, and they have some good points, but that's not 100% real to me right now.

Again, I'm looking for something that really fits my lifestyle.

So, as of 2 weeks ago (197 lb and a size 12/14) I decided to go on a basically nutritional, under 2000 calories per day, diet. So far, I basically have cut out extreme junk food, and have limited my processed foods. This means more fresh fruits and vegetables and basic proteins. As far as eating too much, this actually has never been a problem for me. I can pile up my plate but I generally stop eating when I'm no longer hungry, and I usually can't really snack or eat unless I am hungry. So that's pretty much a lifesaver as I know many people struggle with that alone.

So good-bye cookies and cake!

Hello, celery sticks!

After the first week, I started to feel hungry a lot more often. Spending my entire day in class hungry was a bit rough. I started bringing cut up vegetables but it was really hard. Often I would find myself bursting into tears for absolutely no reason. I've managed to balance it out now and I think I've adjusted (knock on wood). I'm sure I was driving everyone crazy....

Today is my last day of math and computer classes. Next week I start a class that is all cooking, 4 hours per day. Yay....could be dieting hell in a French cooking school. :)

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