Monday, August 16, 2010

Weekend Dieting Blues

By Saturday I had lost a whopping 6 pounds from when I first started dieting and weighing myself, 2 weeks ago. That's pretty cool.

By Sunday I had lost a little bit of my edge. Feeling a little lonely and somewhat down on myself, I spend the day hanging with my moms, relaxing and having fun. We spend the afternoon outside of the grocery store, buying scratchers, winning a few dollars here and there, collecting the money and buying more scratchers. I don't know how much we spent but I think just a few dollars kept us going for a couple hours. We finally had to stop and relocate to a different store because the scratcher machine got jammed.

Before relocating, we stopped at Noah's Bagels to have lunch. We had chicken wraps on whole wheat tortillas which seemed like a really good idea until moms looked them up on the WW points counter and found out they were worth 12 points each. Well, I also found out that the Caesar dressing on my wrap was a trigger for sweet cravings and I just could not avoid pickup a batch of sweet cream cheese bagel poppers. Despite the name, I don't think there is much cream cheese involved. It was basically plain bagel holes drenched in white butter cream frosting. Can you say yum?!

After devouring my bagel poppers with the assistance of mother dearest, she decides that she didn't have enough and orders a batch of cinnamon and sugar bagel poppers. No explanation needed there. Those were gone in less than 15 minutes.

We relocated to our local convenience market for further scratching joy. And as I'm inside the store for the 3rd time trading in a winning ticket for a couple more scratchers, my mom decides she's going to check out the ice cream/frozen  yogurt shop that just opened next door.

4 scoops and 2 cookies later, we retire to our car, stuffed, satisfied and yet defeated.... I checked the scale and I was down a pound from yesterday. Can't wait for my Sunday disaster to catch up with me.

But the great thing about Monday, among a lack of great things about Monday, is that we can start all over again. Yay!

Does anyone else have experiences like this to share?

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  1. Grrrrr. We gotta stop this, Dear. I keep losing and gaining the same 2 pounds over and over again. And don't even start on Trivia Tuesday night at the restaurant! This must end.