Monday, August 9, 2010

Fun for Free (or Very Little Money)

 I've noticed that, unless I motivate myself to get out and do things, I spend a lot of time doing pretty much nothing. When you are a poor, starving, artist, student there isn't a lot to do with no money. But I've been managing to make the most out of it recently. Thought I would share.

If you are in the unfortunate position of not having one of those fancy laptops that can download all the movies from the net, you might want to check out your local library. I have found I can check out up to 10 DVDs at a time. And not just movies. This past weekend I had an awesome trip watching several episodes of Anthony Bordain's "No Reservations," where he travels the world and tries interesting new things. As a student chef, and a terribly picky eater, I find him very inspiring.

Last week I joined a soccer team that I found on Craigslist of all places. Everyone met each other for the first time on Sunday morning, 5 minutes before our first game. Although it was quite exhausting, it was super fun. I forgot how much fun it can be to slide in the dirt and scrape your knees. Chasing around athletic boys in shorts was just a bonus.

My mother took me to a noodle restaurant which was pretty interesting. Despite the fact that the food came unreasonably fast and was pretty unrecognizable, it was a relatively decent experience. I had a noodle bowl with chicken and shrimp on it (sounds pretty normal) and then this weird dessert with bright green jelly noodles, white bean paste, red tapioca balls and coconut milk. Hmmmmm....makes you hungry, doesn't it?

Lastly, I went riding around for a couple of  hours in my friend's bright yellow convertible. Driving outside the city (San Francisco) where it was wet and rainy, into the bright sun was awesome. I never realized what a cloud of doom I live in.

Don't forget to check out the pizza competition contest! I need your ideas and you can win a prize! (See earlier blog.)

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