Wednesday, July 14, 2010

My First Class

My first class at the CCA was the ServSafe, Safety and Sanitation Class, which I later appropriately abreviated to Safety and Sanity. You would not believe the insane and unhealthy habits of present day society when it comes to food preparations. This class makes you double-check everything you eat and how it was prepared.

The first class was sort of an orientation. None of the students knew each other and the atmosphere was a bit stiffled. The instructor, Chef Peter, had us all write down an interesting tidbit about ourselves and hand in the papers to him. He then read them aloud to the class and we had to walk around and talk to each other and find out which tidbit belonged to each student. As I had started school twice, I went through this procedure twice. The first time, I wrote that my favorite food was Kraft Mac and Cheese. The second time, I wrote that I go to karaoke and trivia with my friends every Tuesday night in the Marina. Initially I was pretty uncomfortable as the only white girl in my class of 14 people. However, this process immediately helped us loosen up and become familiar with each other. And I could see from the beginning that all of us were going to get along just fine. ...

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