Saturday, July 17, 2010

"Starving" Student/Artist Blues.....

I have a bit of backlogged blogging to do about school. I will get to that. In the meantime, it wouldn't do any good to get further backlogged on things that are fresh in my mind.

I quit my job today. A little over a month ago I found a job at a diner as a cook's helper. It was entry-level and I thought it was going to be absolutely perfect for me to come up to speed in the food and hospitality industry. But apparently I set my sights too low.

This place was a perfect example of every violation of the food code that I just finished learning in my Safety and Sanity class. While assisting in preparing and serving food, I witnessed the following:

Cartons of eggs sitting out of the refridgerator in a hot room for about 4 days. When we finally got around to cracking some of them, they were somewhat solidified. Despite that, they were whipped right into batches of scrambled eggs, and served to an unknowing and sorry clientel.

Cutting boards used to chop raw meat, wiped off (not washed or sanitized) and immediately used to chop fruit for fruit salads. The slice had months of guck from meats and cheeses caked on it and was used to slice tomatoes. Ew.

The chefs regularly used their hands to get food from the fat fryer trays. I was scoffed at for trying to use the tongs, which resulted in numerous small burn incidents.

I saw a lady drop a bucket full of chopped mushrooms on the dirtiest floor I had ever seen, pick them up and put them back into the bucket and then into the fridge. Omg.

So, despite my need for monetary benefit right now, I did not go from making $20 per hour sitting at a desk, to making minimum wage and poisoning people.

Oh well....thank goodness for mom's.

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  1. Awww. That place sounds wicked! Mom's place is still yours and she can't wait until you find employment more fitting to your caliber.