Thursday, September 16, 2010

E-Mail Hackers from India and China, and Disappearing Blogs!

I had the horrible experience recently of having my gmail hacked into and used to send spam. I first noticed when I received a few e-mail responses that said my e-mail couldn't be sent because I had reached my daily limit of 100 e-mails per day. I looked in my sent and found spam about drugstores being sent to my 346 contacts. I started getting responses from people asking why I was sending them that stuff. The horrible thing was, I couldn't answer them to explain because I had reached my e-mail limit!

I checked on google to find out what I'm supposed to do if such a situation arises. It directed me to my "recent activity" and I saw that my account had been logged onto in such places as India and China! I was told to change my password if there was any suspicious activity, so I did it immediately.

After 24 hours my e-mail reset and I was able to send e-mails again. But now I don't know if I should use  up my 100 e-mails a day to send e-mails to everyone on my contact list apologizing or if I should just assume my friends would know that it wasn't something I would do. I decided to blog about it.

But guess my blog disappeared. It was taken off line by the spam police. Anyway, I went through this whole password verification thing now and I am hoping to G that everything is over and this will show up.

Be warned.


  1. OMG is that what happened? It was so weird b/c I had you on my list of ppl (friends or followers or whatever) and then when I looked back later-it still said I had the same amount of followers but you were gone and where you had made comments your pic was gone. How the hell did the spam police delete your account? Why and what for? Can they just randomly do that? What the hell? Hope it stays up this time girl that sucks.

  2. Well, I happen to know that one of your followers is a programming guru who just might be able to suggest other ways to prevent such a thing happening.... You there, Friday?

  3. No need to assume. Your friends would know you would not spam them. And the others? They would think your apology was spam.