Wednesday, September 8, 2010

An epiphany....

For some reason I've turned on a light today and I really don't want it to turn off. I think I truly understand the concept of letting go of the past and going after your dreams. I am building a castle on a cloud and I like the view from up here. I think the only reason people don't really do that too often is a fear of falling. But you have to get over being scared of heights if you want to reach the top, right?

So, here it is. By the age of 33, I am going to make my mark. That gives me at least 2 years. By January 2012 I will be done with school and ready to move out and establish myself and my career. But who's waiting for that. I'm starting now. I'm putting together my recipe book and it's going to go global. If Justin B can do it via YouTube so can I! HEY RACHEL RAY, HERE I AM!!!!!



  1. Jaime: The past is like the wake of a fast moving ship. If you focus on it, you cannot see where you are headed. The past dilutes the present.

  2. Thats the spirit- Most importantly, never look back :-)

    I love epiphany's... even though I couldn't spell it without the help of spell check to save my life ;-D