Monday, September 13, 2010

Fattening "Fry" Day!! Ugh.

20 pieces of tempura, 4 pieces of fish, a batch of "chips" and another batch of onion rings later....

Well, at least I know how to make it now? Is that going to be worth the nearly 20 bites of random fried particles I just injested. Only the scale will tell.

I did learn new recipes for tartar sauce and ginger/soy sauce that are AMAZING! That's probably why I couldn't stop dipping and tasting.

The tempura was gone (not just into my mouth) before I could get a decent pic. :)

How do all those English chicks stay so hot with all the fish and chips?! And the Japanese girls with all that tempura???! Does the fact that it's mostly vegetables justify anything? Or does dipping them in 3 kinds of flour and a vat of fat totally negate it all?

Oh well....forge on in the culinary adventure!!


  1. That's why I'm a vegetarian. I'm not exactly a hot English chick (nor is that a goal!), but I do get to stay in better shape than most guys my age, work out every day, and eat tempura to my heart's content - and stay married to a hot English chick!.

  2. Sweeeeeet. I used to be vegetarian. Not really an option when you are learning to cook everything under the sun moon and stars. But I'll get back to it. :)