Friday, September 10, 2010

Food Related TV Show Ideas - WIN A PRIZE

Okay, I want your ideas. There are a lot of TV shows around about FOOD. What do you like the best? What do you not like? What sort of TV show would you like to see about FOOD or COOKING? Please share your ideas with me.... best idea gets a prize!

(Btw, I never gave out a prize for my pizza competition because I wasn't selected to participate. That doesn't mean the one idea I got sucked. Hehe.)

And don't ask me what the prize is. It's a surPRIZE. Okay? ....may the best man win!


  1. I think maybe a cooking game show or something...

  2. I don't know I've always wanted to see a BASIC BASIC cooking show for the totally inept in the kitchen (like myself)-for instance how to cook meat without poisoning yourself-I'm always afraid to try to cook like pork or something and give myself worms.

  3. This sounds pretty unique: "How to Cook a Meal For Those Without Health Care Benefits"?