Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Sad Contest Results and the Next Battle...

So, the results of my cooking contest were unfortunately that I did not win. My squash did not cook long enough, according to the judges it was undercooked, but the flavor was awesome and it looked great. I got super kudos for creativity.

 Time to get back on the bike and keep going....

Next contest - chili cook-off! My idea is to do a seafood chili...what do you think? I don't want to do anything normal or traditional, unless it's so friggen awesome it blows the judges away. But these are not your typical Texas chili judges. They are culinary artists who specialize in French cooking. So....any ideas?


  1. Jaime: The hell with the judges. The squash looked great and they did not understand it. For the next one, how about a Cajun seafood chili, with shrimp, scallops, and crawfish.

  2. I just want to go on record to say that your contest entry tasted GREAT! Your judges should be ashamed. Anyway, seafood chili sounds interesting. I guess you'd adjust the spices so that they're more like Asian flavors to match the fish and you would have to add the seafood toward the end because you wouldn't want to destroy it cooking it as long as you would cook a traditional chili. I'm interested to see how this comes out!

  3. OMG! What a koinkidink! I just submitted my recipe for Cajun Seafood Chili before I even read this! :)